Screen Printing Colours

About the Inks

We print with water based inks that are eco-friendly. The ink is absorbed by the fibers of the garment achieving a soft hand touch. Water based inks are some of the most environmentally friendly inks. To screenprint the colour as close to what you want, there are two options.

Option 1 – Permaset Aqua water-based inks

As we print mostly with Permaset Aqua water-based inks you can choose any of the colours from their range.

Permaset Aqua Colour Chart (click image to enlarge)

Option 2 – Solid Coated Pantone Colour

We understand that you might have a very specific colour not listed above. If so you can match your colour to a Solid Coated Pantone Colour. If you don’t have Pantone colours on your computer or don’t have a pantone guide you can view the Solid Coated Pantone Colour Guide to find the colours you need.

Pantone ColourPlease note: Screen colours (RGB) and Pantone colours may vary slightly from final print. If you’re not sure we can always prepare a test or strike off print (extra charges apply).


MOUNT VIC AND ME AMAZING!!! I love them. The tea towels are absolutely beautiful!!! Playing with them all now and the colours look terrific. Kara xKara x

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